Motorcyclist personal protection comes under the legislation of the EU Regulation 2016/425. All products intended to protect the user from one or another hazard must be tested, by an accredited laboratory, to a written CE standard or Regulation. The laboratory issues a CE certificate for each product if it passes the criteria. We are ready; all our products meet the required EU Regulation.

3 year warranty


All our jackets and trousers purchased January 1st, 2024, or later, have a 3-year warranty. All other products fall under the warranty laws set by the EU or the country where you have purchased your product.

Our products are manufactured with an emphasis on comfort, fit, safety and value for money. By following the care instructions provided you create the optimal conditions for your product to offer you enjoyment for a long time. We guarantee, both stitching and the material from which this product is made, for 3 years. Quality and service is our motto, a safeguard for our customers.

All possible warranty claims are handled through our dealers. Take the product and the receipt with you to your dealer and they will help you with the claim.


We choose specific threads to suit different materials to make seams as strong and secure as possible. We use Triple Stitch in vulnerable areas of our leather wear.

The outer fabric is leather or textile with various types of surface treatment.

Our proprietary material HI-ART® makes garments resistant to abrasion and is used in most of our products.

Garments that use armour have Velcro sewn into them to keep the armour in place and for ease of adjustment.

Some garments also have a sewn-in or removable membrane. Taped seams, naturally.

We often use Air Mesh behind armour for better comfort.

Closest to the body is a lining, sewn-in or removable. Usually made from ventilated mesh, temperature-regulating Outlast® or a warm, quilted lining.



There are days when things don’t go to plan – especially then you appreciate the reliability of your motorcycle gear.

Halvarssons AAA CE

Abrasion tests are performed on the construction at three different zones (all layers together) of the garment, excluding the detachable linings. The demands vary in these different parts of the body. Shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees have higher demands than for instant inner thighs or underarms. 

AAA is the highest performance level and then AA and A. The criteria for B are the same as for A but without impact protectors. To meet a certain performance level for a product, the results of all mechanical tests must reach the criteria of this level.

Halvarssons Impact absorption test
Halvarssons Resistance Test
Halvarssons Tear strenght test
Halvarssons Strenght of seams test