Halvarssons lineup of underwear provides a new level of comfort and warmth for all motorcyclists

Warm or cold – a layer of underwear that is appropriate for the weather is a key part of a motorcycling outfit that will keep a motorcyclist comfortable on the road, no matter how long the journey.

Ranging from zip neck shirts and long johns to socks, Halvarssons renewed underwear lineup has the right option for all riding conditions. The product line up can be further divided into three categories.

Category 1 products comprise of Halvarssons warmest underwear, while category 2 products are slightly lighter, but also effective in temperature regulation. Halvarssons’ core-knit products form the product category 3. They are the shirts and bottoms that are worn as the undermost layer of a riding suit. All Halvarssons underwear garments are unisex and come in a wide range of sizes

Category 1: The warmest underwear made of 100% merino wool
The warmest underwear products in the Halvarssons lineup are made of 100% merino wool, which means ultimate comfort, lightness, and warmth. The merino wool yarn has a natural oil layer which means that odors will not stick to it and can be easily cleaned.

The level 1 underwear products are an essential part of a riding suit that is perfect for cooler late autumn and early spring riding.

Category 1 products

  • Warm wool polo (XS-3XL)
  • Warm wool long johns (XS-3XL)


Category 2: Combining materials for warmth and effective temperature regulation
The products in category 2 are a blend of merino wool and Outlast®. Outlast® is a high-tech material that was originally designed to be part of astronauts’ space suits, making it highly effective against sudden temperature changes. This results in garments that are guaranteed to keep a motorcyclist comfortable, even if the weather changes drastically.


Category 2 products

  • Comfort sweater (XS-3XL)
  • Comfort long johns (XS-3XL) 

Category 3: Products for a perfect undermost layer
The category 3 products are classified as “core-knit”, and their sole purpose is to transfer moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry (and therefor also warm). The core-knit products are made in a seamless technique and have a semi-relaxed fit, ensuring a comfortable fit for anyone.

Category 3 products

  • Core-knit sweater (S-M / L-XL)
  • Core-knit long johns (S-M / L-XL)

Socks for all weather
The underwear collection also has two types of tall socks, one for warm and one for cool weather. The socks, made of technical materials, are perfect for even longer rides where motorcycling boots are kept on for hours. 

  • H warm sock (36-40 / 41-45)
  • H cool sock (36-40 / 41-45)