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Halvarssons has built its 70-year history on tradition and craftsmanship.

Established in the small Swedish backcountry town of Malung in the 1940’s the brand has continuously developed the finest Scandinavian motorcycle garments with an eye for detail and more than just a little injection of passion.

This philosophy can still be seen today but now we also find cutting edge technologies. Each garment has unique properties satisfying the needs of even the most demanding professional riders who put safety first. Just ask the motorcycle police forces around Europe that chose us as their supplier.

But with Halvarssons, safety does not have to come at the expense of comfort and functionality. In fact, for years we have followed the philosophy “safety through comfort”. And that means keeping you dry and at just the right temperature by using technologies such as Outlast, TFL and Dryway membranes. Combine this with some of the best materials on the market and you understand why Halvarssons has so many loyal followers. Timeless style and quality that never goes out of fashion.


SAFETY THROUGH COMFORT has been our design philosophy throughout Halvarssons history. The more comfortable the garments are, the better you can focus on what matters. We constantly develop our materials and technical features in order to be able to offer the best possible solutions for you, no matter the terrain or the conditions. Among the testimonials to Halvarssons success are different police forces in Europe, all of whom proudly wear our gear. Halvarssons makes great riding gear that lasts for years in terms of style, quality and safety. We want you to be comfortable and also safe. We want you to forget you’re wearing our gear and just enjoy your ride.



We’re born with the well-known Swedish conscience, “to care” in our blood. It is therefor obvious to us to aim for the best and to always do what’s right. We care, at Halvarssons. We care about each other and about our environment. We care about our friends who make the garments and about how they’re made. We care about our dealers and most of all we care about you.

The WE CARE mentality in our company and in our work is present at every level. From design to production and all the way to you.

The exceptionally strong loyalty, from you, our riders, is the best proof that we do things right.