Naren & Jolen

Halvarssons new fully stretch laminated motorcycle jackets Naren and Jolen paired with Laggan and Gnon pants set a new standard in motorcycle garment safety and comfort

In line with its product design philosophy of “safety through comfort,” Halvarssons, a manufacturer of premium motorcycle garments with over 75 years of history, has launched “Naren” (men’s sizing) and “Jolen” (women’s sizing) motorcycle jackets along with “Laggan” (men’s sizing) and “Gnon” (women’s sizing) pants as a part of its “Premium All Season” lineup.

The new laminated fully stretch jackets and pants elevate motorcycle clothing to a new level. The stretch material brings an entirely new level of mobility, a vital feature in a safe and comfortable motorcycling garment. Unlike some motorcycling jackets that might feel rather inflexible, the new jackets conform to the movements of the body and essentially feel like a second skin.

As a result, motorcyclists can enjoy the ride and concentrate on the road with comfort and peace of mind as new safety features, innovative materials, and Halvarssons’ signature fit guarantee an enjoyable journey, no matter the weather.

The new products have a touring silhouette but are perfect for all on-road motorcycling. The jackets and pants are easy and comfortable to wear. They are guaranteed to meet all motorcyclists expectations from beginners to advanced riders when it comes to high quality, safety, ultimate flexibility and comfort.

New lightweight laminated stretch textile products

• “Naren” jacket, sizes 48-64
• “Jolen” jacket, sizes 36-46
• “Laggan” pants, sizes 48-60 / S50-S58 / L50-L58
• “Gnon” pants, sizes 38-46 / S40-S44 / L40-L44

Motorcyclists across the globe have always dared to face even the harshest conditions, and they must trust that the apparel they wear will support them in their quest.

Taking on this challenge to help riders stay safe and comfortable in all weather conditions, Halvarssons continues to push the envelope in motorcycle garments.

State-of-art safety features designed to keep you comfortable and safe

Halvarssons is proud to announce new safety functionalities that come together in the Naren and Jolen jackets with the aim to bring ultimate protection while increasing comfort.

Key features that make Halvarssons’ jackets the most comfortable and the safest option for motorcyclists

Airbag ready

The Naren and Jolen jackets are airbag ready. This means that the jackets work together with any standalone airbag system on the market that is intended to be worn under a jacket. When the airbag deploys, the jacket expands together with the airbag – thanks to the stretch material and expanding panels.

Chest protector ready 

The Halvarssons “Furudal” chest protector can easily be inserted into the jacket’s dedicated protector pocket. Once the jacket is closed, the protector remains in place and completely invisible.

Next generation of protection

Halvarssons has fitted the new products with thin, light weight, and breathable level 2 protectors. New protectors can be found in the jackets shoulders and elbows and in the pants knees and hips.

High abrasion resistant textile (HI-ART)
Halvarssons proprietary reinforcement material, HI-ART, is highly durable but soft and breathable and is used under the outer layer. HI-ART, in combination with a textile, is 500% more abrasion resistant than the textile alone – a great way to keep safe on the road.

Laminated textile and water repellent treatment
In addition to offering protection in many scenarios, the new jackets and pants are designed to keep motorcyclists comfortable even when the weather is not on their side. The Dryway + 2.0 2-way stretch laminated textile plays a crucial role in this. It is specifically designed to provide waterproofness yet breathability while retaining the jacket’s natural flexibility. Additionally, the products are treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR), which keeps moisture away, as raindrops simply slide off.

Lightweight garment with great fit and good ventilation

The new jackets and pants are the perfect choice for motorcycling in all conditions. In addition to the two key ways in which they keep rain outside, the temperature regulating Outlast® lining regulates the micro-climate inside the jackets and pants while ventilation openings provide ultimate comfort and functionality. 

Furthermore, the pants have a long connection zipper to the jacket which makes it easy to wear the pants as a part of a complete riding suit

Naren/Jolen motorcycle jackets

  • Perfect for all motorcyclists and year-round use
  • Airbag ready with expanding panels in the back
  • Chest protector ready
  • Dryway + 2.0 laminated functional membrane keeps water outside while being breathable
  • HI-ART reinforcement on shoulders and elbows to help in abrasive contact situations
  • Outlast® temperature-regulated lining ensures a pleasant riding experience year-round
  • Vents for ventilation on sleeves, back and chest, connection zipper to trousers
  • CE certification class AA

Laggan/Gnon motorcycle pants

  • Suitable for all motorcyclists and year-round use
  • Dryway + 2.0 laminated functional membrane
  • HI-ART reinforcement on hips and knees
  • Outlast® temperature-regulated lining
  • Ventilation openings on thighs, connection zipper to jacket
  • Detachable braces for a great fit
  • CE certification class AA